Walking down the street, watching some videos on your phone, you
realize that you’re low on batteries. But this one video is just so
good! Let’s charge the phone and watch it! I’m sure other people won’t
mind if you crash into their places and use their laptops, right?

In JouleThief, you have to finish watching the video on your phone, which is running out of power. However, to charge it, you’ll have to barge into other people’s homes and disregard the collateral damage. The police will chase you around, but don’t mind them. Just keep charging that phone!

Move with WASD.

@kroltan: Designer, coder
@Moski: (Twitter: @the_moski) Art
@jmm: (Twitter: @johnplzplaybass) Sound effects and music


JouleThief_win64.zip 19 MB


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Web version moves extremely slow and it is not playable :(


It seems to be an issue in the Chrome browser, Firefox runs it fine, reportedly.

Would you mind testing, just so we have more datapoints?